It has been a while since I last wrote, but that is mostly a good thing. After a slow start (when is the start of a business ever not slow?) sales have started to pick up and most importantly: customers are equally excited about what I’m doing as I am!

For those who are new to the Artful Sheep: I moved from the Netherlands to New Zealand in April of last year with the desire to start a real kiwi business. A creative label, I thought, with a genuine story, possibly in interior design – which, besides storytelling, has always been a major passion. Once I arrived in Hawke’s Bay and saw the lack of creative output in the wool segment, I decided to start my own wool design studio.

Having a background in writing, I was always taught to use as little words as possible to get my message across. It makes the message so much stronger, easier to grasp, and is a form of respect to your reader at the same time. After all, too many detailed descriptions imply your reader has no imagination of his own. I decided with design, it isn’t all that different.

Minimalist design with a maximised message

That was to be the essence of my throws. No one likes too much fiddly stuff in his or her house; life is complicated enough as it is. After many months of calling and corresponding with the most advanced weaver in New Zealand (I would tell you whom, but I’d have to kill you ;-), I came to a design that I was happy with and they were able to weave for me. I was limited to 3 yarn colours, which worked great with my ram design. The interior trend that has been going for some time, and is still going strong, of having whites / off whites and light grey shades, was addressed nicely with this design. After all, your home décor product still has to fit well into the bigger picture of someone’s interior. Combining the hand-drawn image with the smoothest merino finish created a look that an increasing number of interior aficionadas are getting excited about.

Do what you love and people will love what you do!

Exciting conversations are being held as we speak with the editors of some well-known interior and design magazines, whom are looking at a feature. The Artful Sheep is expanding within New Zealand (you can now also find us at luxury interior store Alfresco, in Auckland’s chic Parnell: https://www.alfrescoliving.co.nz/, who curate and custom-make some amazing kiwi design) and Australia is on the cards. Did you know more than 650,000 New Zealanders live in Australia? That is 15% of the New Zealand population! In Sydney alone, there are over 81,000 kiwi’s who live and work there. Especially as Christmas is approaching, many of them will be looking for that truly special gift for mum or sis… and I speak from experience when I say there is not much out there in terms of kiwi presents, other than the kiwi-printed mugs. ;-)

Will keep you in the loop,

Love, Laura

The Artful Sheep

ps: the kisses in the image were done by my 2 kids, who had great fun at putting on the lip gloss. My daughter refused to take it off afterwards and my son kept grinning and ended up with gloss all over his teeth. 

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