Hawkes Bay

Before moving to Hawke's Bay, I had only visited the region a couple of times. But my instincts told me that things were good there. 

Well, they turned out to be fantastic! We have lived in Hawke’s Bay for about a year now, and I can honestly say there is a reason why so many people retire here: this is the place kiwi’s choose to spend their free time – which is why so many of them also come here over the holiday season. It is that unique mix of a great micro-climate (sorry Wellington), an agricultural hub where in summer people line up for half an hour to get the best summer fruit straight of the pick, culturally buzzing with arts and events going throughout the year, and having some of the most amazing beaches I have ever come across.

But underlying all that, is that real heart of ‘Hawkies’: laidback, fun-loving, always happy to chat and get to know people but also: sporty, making fundraising into a true art, and with an entrepreneurial spirit that is like an ever-growing vein running through the bay. This is where people with ideas are offered the opportunity to execute them. You’ll meet the right people in the local café and your future accountant at the school grounds. Welcome to Hawke’s Bay – the ideal soil for happiness and success.


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